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Abby Rau is a New York State licensed Massage Therapist.. She graduated from the Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy in 2006, and has experience in both chiropractic and spa settings. Abby worked with Maureen at the Wellness Center in Hyde Park, NY until it closed. Abby is experienced in Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, and hot stone massage. In addition to that, she is equine sports massage certified.
                                    Price List

Therapeutic Massage
1/2 Hour                                                                  $55
1 Hour                                                                     $75
1 1/2 Hour                                                               $105

Hot Stone Massage
45 Minutes                                                $65
I Hour                                                        $95
90 Minutes                                                $125

Add Ons
10 Minute Scalp                                                       $15
15 Minute Foot    $20
Aromatherapy                                                          $10


Experience the powerful healing benefits of therapeutic massage. Whether it is pain management of stress relief you desire, nothing is more valuable than a great massage. Each treatment is tailored to address your individual needs, and only uses all natural and organic products.

Therapeutic Massage- Enjoy complete relaxation from head to toe with a massage individualized for your specific needs. Experience tension relief, increased range of motion, and increased circulation through healing touch. Moist heat may also be applied to enhance the effects of treatment.

Hot Stone Massage- During this luxurious treatment, heated basalt stones are placed on the body as well as used in the therapist's hands during a soothing massage. The moist heat from the smooth stones aids in increasing blood flow, and also softens tense muscles to allow deeper penetration. A favorite among those suffering with fibromyalgia and chronic muscle tension.