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                    Price List
Ultimate Back Treatment           1 Hour               $85.00
Sea Salt Glow                          1 Hour                $85.00
Spa Body Treatment                 1 1/4 Hour          $120.00
Therapeutic Foot Treatment       1 Hour                $65.00
Aqua Detox Foot Treatment       1/2 Hour             $50.00
Series of 6 (Buy 5 Get One Free)                         $250.00

Spa Body Therapy

Ultimate Back Treatment-This soothing and deep cleansing back treatment will remove impurities and leave your skin soft and supple. It will include exfoliation; steaming and extractions will be performed if necessary. Followed by a gentle back massage, dead sea mud mask, toning and moisturizing. This treatment will bring total relaxation to a tired and stressed body!
Sea Salt Glow-This luxuirous skin enrichment treatment is achieved with a moistened sea salt scrub and aromatherapy massage. It leaves your skin feeling invigorated, renewed and refreshed. Captivate your skins natural glow.
Spa Body Treatment-Recapture the balance of body and soul with this invigorating full body brushing to increase circulation and exfoliate cells. Warm seaweed serum, gel and aromatherapy oils are applied to the entire body as you're gently wrapped to promote the absorption of the plants vital nurtrients. A mini facial and scalp massage adds to this ultimate body experience. Seaweed, rich in trace elements, helps to cleanse, tone and hydrate the skin while drawing out toxins and impurities. A great stress reliever and excellent for those recovering from recent illness. (Not recommended for those sensitive or allergic to iodine!)
Therapeutic Foot Treatment-Your feet are soaked in an herbal bath with mineral salts; followed by exfoliation, moisturizing and massage using reflexology techniques. This treatment ends with a peppermint hydrating cream. A wonderful lift for tired feet.
Aqua Detox Foot Treatment-The revolutionary way to detoxify, rebalance and reenergize your body. (This treatment requires a consultation before scheduling.)